The Paintball Game – Evolution of the Gun and Game

The evolution of the game has been swift from its origins in the 70s to the modern game we know today. It all started with the paintball gun. The term “marker” is a much newer term introduced to make the sport more marketable to the masses. So, what is the history of this relatively new sport and how has it evolved over three decades?

The first paintball guns were used on cattle ranches in the 1970s to single out animals from the herd. James Hale, of Daisy manufacturing , invented a gun for this purpose.

This practice soon evolved into a game and the first ever recreational paintball game took place in June 1981 in New Hampshire, USA. A group of friends used Nel-Spot 007s to play a very basic form of the game over a massive area to capture the flag.

One of the earliest guns available was the Splat Master; it was made entirely of plastic. It could hold ten paintballs, was powered by small co2 cylinders and had a slow fire rate. The gun had to be tilted back to drop each paintball into the firing chamber and cocked by pushing a button on the handle.

The paintball game was first marketed by Charles Gaines, a writer, as National Survival Game- NSG. It started in a very primitive form with players working individually rather than in teams. As the game evolved over time, the rules became more sophisticated and teams became a matter of course. Different types of games sprung up, but the “capture the flag” principle was the most popular.

As the paintball game developed, so did the need for a more sophisticated gun. The pump action marker was introduced with its increased rate of fire.

Caleb Strong opened the first outdoor commercial paintball field in Rochester in 1982. Two years later he opened an indoor version in Buffalo. The development of the commercial industry allowed for more organized, tournament style games and interest in the sport accelerated. The games became more exciting as smaller fields made the action quicker.

The gun continued to evolve in line with the paintball game. As the need for speed increased, the introduction of the 12 ounce co2 tank with its constant air was a major breakthrough.This in turn led to the advent of the semi-automatic gun with its incredible fire rate. Then followed the electric hopper to cope with the fire power of the semi-automatics.

Private and commercial fields are everywhere today as the sport has attracted a huge following. Whilst most players will only ever compete at a recreational level, professional teams compete at a national and international level with prizes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The National Professional Paintball League was founded in 1992 and is the major force in the professional tournament circuit.

Professional players today are using fully automatic computerized markers. The Angel was the first of its kind. It was equipped with a motherboard in the gun’s handle offering a selection of different modes of fire.

There is no reason to believe that the paintball game has completed its evolution. It has come a long way from the cattle ranches of thirty years ago, but it is fair to assume that the sport has not finished its journey just yet.

Just Throw the Paintballs – Guns Aren’t Allowed

Beginning in the 1980s, the sport of paint ball grew from a limited pastime sport to a worldwide phenomenon. Paint ball enthusiasts formed teams, set up huge leagues, and organized game tournaments. Though paint ball is still a long way from the popularity of other conventional sports like basketball, here are a few tips on how to get the best prices online.

This is not a violent sport even though guns and projectiles are used in the game. The main thing that sets paint ball apart from other sports is the equipment involved. You don’t find guns and paint projectiles in too many traditional sports.

The cheapest way to get all of the accessories that you need is to purchase a special gun package, which includes a basic paintball marker, air tank, and other accessories. If you can’t afford that, borrow a friend’s and give the game a try.

If you are just starting out, Tippmanns, Spyders and other entry level guns are great for a beginner. The air tank for these guns will generate enough pressure to allow the gun to operate in a base level game. Keep in mind that the ideal length for barrels on paint ball guns is 8 to 14 inches. And while you should not skimp on quality equipment, paint ball guns can be bought cheaply and still have a variety of cool features.

When you are in the woods it is simulating jungle warfare so you really have to be up on jungle skills. If you are going to really get into the sport, you are going to want to learn some tactics that will help you to survive longer on the field as well as have a better chance of winning more games.

Overall, it is fun to compete with other teams and create strategies for winning the game. You should work out signals with your team, as well as team tactics and strategy ahead of time, and practice often. With time and practice, anyone can play a fun and competitive game.

Remember that it is just game and is not a simulation of warfare or anything negative. Games like laser tag also simulated warfare like scenarios but were meant to be played for fun. So go get your equipment, guns, and a couple of friends and go out and have a great day of paint ball.

Cheap Air Guns: A Look at Reliable Products

If you are looking to buy cheap air guns, there are a number of different options available to you. There are some very reliable products on the line when it comes to cheap air guns.

Most of the earliest air guns belonged to two different groups: those powered by spring loaded bellows and those utilizing pre-compressed air stored in a reservoir The reservoir was either built into the gun or attached to gun itself.

Bellows guns were generally intended for target shooting indoors. Although low powered, they were amazingly accurate at short ranges. These types of pieces generally do fall into the cheap air guns category.

Pneumatic guns, on the other hand were relatively powerful. The technology of these guns gradually improved over the years and their use in hunting became fashionable among the European nobility. The fact that game as large as wild boar and stag could be routinely taken by these early pneumatic guns demonstrates their amazing power. Their relatively quiet and efficient operation, coupled with their imperviousness to rain or snow, made them very desirable weapons indeed. In the late 1700’s, powerful pneumatic guns even found their way into the ranks of the military. In today’s world, these types of firearms generally would not be considered in the cheap air guns range.

The erroneous concept of air guns being mere toys has been fostered by years of exposure to the bb gun. There was a mistaken conception that these two types of products were one in the same, particularly with the prevalence of a significant number of cheap air guns on the market.

Eventually word of mouth and the fact that air gunning is now an Olympic sport caused the confusion between bb guns and cheap air guns to dissipate. The complex recoilless match air guns, capable of single hole precision at 10 meters, are not confuses with bb guns. The 1984 Olympics featured air gunning for the first time. This was a historic and dramatic moment and an indication of the importance of air guns in today’s recreational shooting. Likewise, air rifles capable of shooting .177 caliber pellets at 1000+ feet per second made the air gun into an important firearm and entered it into the serious sporting arms class.

Modern air guns fit into three basic groups defined by their means of pushing a pellet out the barrel, pneumatic air guns, spring-piston air guns and CO2 air guns. These guns come in a wide range of different prices, including cheap air guns.

Among some of the top manufacturers that produce cheap air guns are Walther, Airsoft and Daisy. Walther is a German manufacturer if cheap air guns while Airsoft and Daisy are manufacturers in the United States.

Cheap air guns provide novices a good, solid product through which they can be introduced to the world of sport and target shooting. These types of firearms are great educational tools and can also provide many occasions of entertaining and challenging use.

The Exciting Sport of Airsoft

If you haven’t experienced the exciting sport of Airsoft you are missing out on a lot of excitement. Airsoft guns are used for target practice or for war games. These guns are manufactured imitations of original firearms, these guns are safe, and they shoot 6MM plastic pellets that are commonly known as BB’s. This sport will bring you endless years of pleasure and satisfaction.

There are basically three types of guns to choose from. They are spring powered, automatic electric powered (AEG), and gas powered. Depending on your needs will determine your choice of your Airsoft guns. The spring loaded guns are the lower priced and the best ones to start out with. The cost is higher on the electric and the gas powered models. The guns come in a wide variety of pricing as well as having various accessories.

The first thing you will need to do is consider the purpose for the use of the Airsoft guns. If you are just going to use it for target practice then the spring loaded models may well serve your intentions. The electric and gas powered guns are usually the chosen ones for war games.

The law states (in the U.S.) that an Airsoft Gun is considered a firearm and can only be purchased by adults over 18 years old. There are certain states that have their own restrictions so be sure you check this out before you purchase your gun of choice. All of these guns will have a permanent blazing orange tip as required by U.S. law and should never be removed.

The most important item you need to consider when using Airsoft guns is safety. They have the same look and feel as a real gun and should be treated like one. You should treat these guns as if they are loaded and handle them with care. Protective gear should be used at all times. The most important of these is eye protection. Use the proper safety goggles or glasses or even a full protective face mask is highly recommended. There are protective vests designed for Airsoft safety that you can purchase. Wear a thick jacket or sweater as well as long sleeved shirts to make sure all exposed skin is covered.

Airsoft guns will provide you with many years of excitement and a great deal of fun. Remember to purchase the proper gun for your particular need. Please follow the proper safety rules and wear protective gear. If you follow these simple precautions you won’t be sorry.

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History of Paintball Guns

The sport of paintball is a popular and relatively new game where opponents on a team use “markers,” or paintball guns, loaded with a type of non-damaging paint to engage in all manner of hunting, war and strategic games. They tag opponents with colored markers by firing specially-made weapons. These paintball guns are filled with paint inside gel caps, are powered by compressed gas and were first used in the 1970’s for non-recreational purposes, such as marking trees or cattle. Those first types of markers had to be extensively redesigned to adjust the intensity and speed with which the gel caps filled with paint were shot, otherwise participants involved in the game would be injured quite easily.

One of the fondly remembered memories in paintball history was the very first “official” paintball game, started by 12 co-conspirators in 1981, who used the tree markers. These friends had so much fun that they decided to invest in a tree-marking paintball manufacturer, deciding from then on to sell the markers to the public as a recreational sport. A year later in Rochester, New York, the very first paintball field was opened to the public for engaging in this new sport. Since that time the sport has grown at a widely intense rate and is very popular with all manner of people, but especially young males that are interested in warfare or war games.

The sport and the paintball gun gradually evolved in a myriad of ways since those first formative years upon the field, played by 12 mutual friends. Participants in the sport began to beg for better guns, so the pump action paintball gun was designed and sold. Soon after that, people were able to modify their markers to improve accuracy and the rate of speed at which they fired. Metal parts were quickly introduced which could be replaced, so instead of having to buy an entirely new marker, one could just replace old and worn out parts. Afterward, the upgrade of constant air was incorporated, allowing for a tank of CO2 that could pump out 200 shots, as opposed to the usual 15 shots of the 12 gram CO2 cylinder.

It is not only the guns themselves which have gone through a long evolution in paintball history, but also the fields in which the sport is played, the teams and organizations that people side themselves on, as well as the media and culture which surrounds the entire sport.

Airsoft Guns Are Adult Size Toys That Look Real

Airsoft guns are air powered replicas of real guns. These guns were originally created in China, were the government had made fire-arms illegal and citizens still wanted to collect them. Manufacturers stepped forward and provided the first airsoft guns to these Chinese citizens who desired guns but could not get their hands on the real things. These first guns worked similar to American made BB guns in that they used pellets (plastic BB’s). In time all of these guns were standardized to carry a particular millimeter pellet.

As time went on the toys made their way across the globe to North American where they quickly became popular. From a hobby to collect these guns arose a sport that involved teams of players and eventually simulated war games.

While they are mostly manufactured in Asia airsoft guns are available in all parts of the world. However regulation has made it necessary within the United States for any airsoft firearms to have a distinguishing orange mark or cap on them. This is so that they are easily identifiable and can be distinguished from the real thing.

Police department and military training units have started to recognize the feasibility of airsoft guns as usable for training exercises. Manufactured in identical size and weight these weapons provide a relatively inexpensive alternative to using authentic firearms.

While many games have evolved from the use of these guns, perhaps the most popular is MilSim. A military simulation game that comprises of two teams of players that plan out extensive battle strategies and often play continuously for several days in a row. Players often remain in the field until the game has completely ended and often use radios, rations and even explosives.

Replicating reality as close as possible the players on each team carry M16’s and other military style weapons and fight out elaborate military exercises, that in many cases are reproductions of historic battles. Players of these battles typically stay involved up to the end of the game, many times for several days.

The players are required to be honest about getting struck by a pellet. In Airsoft gun games the pellets do not leave distinguishable markings on the players as the pellets in paintball games do. This requires the player to admit that they have been hit.

Due to the exactness of these guns some areas have restricted their use, such as large inner cities. In the United States these guns are required to contain orange markings that are permanent. So they can be quickly distinguished from authentic fire-arms.

These mock-up semi-automatics can be found at many retail outlets and can be commonly found at flea markets and swap meets. Another popular way to locate these weapons is at kiosks in malls and even at some sporting goods retailers. Airsoft guns can also be found via the internet at a variety of retailers that over large selections of guns and other associated items.

Airsoft Gun Types – Spring, Gas and Electric (AEG)

From manually operated spring loaded pistols to fully automatic electric rifles, the variety of guns available to airsoft players today is vast. Airsoft players have more options than ever when choosing what types of guns to add to their collections. The guns used for airsoft fall into one of three main categories based on how they are powered:

Spring Loaded

Spring loaded guns fire single shots using the potential energy stored in a spring, which is compressed when the gun is cocked and then released when you shoot. Cocking a spring loaded gun compresses the spring in preparation for the next shot, so spring loaded guns must be cocked before each shot.

In general, spring loaded airsoft guns cost less than their electric or gas powered counterparts, making them popular starter guns for newcomers to the sport. Most experienced players prefer electric or gas airsoft guns for their power and realistic feel.


Electric guns, also called airsoft AEGs (automatic electric guns) because of their automatic or semi-automatic capabilities, utilize an electric motor powered by a rechargeable battery to cycle an internal piston or spring that fires the pellets. Because of their power, performance and realism, AEGs are the most common type you will see used in the sport of airsoft and are also the most widely available.


Gas guns are powered by pressurized gas – in the form of either green gas or CO2 – that is used to propel pellets from the chamber. Unlike spring loaded guns, gas airsoft guns do not have to be manually cocked before each shot. Gas powered airsoft guns are renowned for their power and precision. They are further classified as either non-blowback or blowback airsoft guns.

A blowback airsoft gun will have a slide that kicks back each time a shot is fired, mimicking the feel of firing a real gun. Non-blowback guns, on the other hand, have fixed slides and revolvers, and do not kick back as blowback guns do. Non-blowback guns give airsofters an economical alternative to blowback gas guns, but because of their realism blowback guns remain the most popular type of gas gun.

Deciding which type of gun you prefer for the sport of airsoft may just take some trial and error. Many airsoft players have different types of guns to use for different purposes.

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Gun Rack Vehicle – The Perfect Answer For Your Firearms

Avid hunters take pride in the sport of big game domination. But, for most, it’s a pride that goes much further than the thrill of the hunt; a pride that spans to using only the best hunting equipment, the most effective hunting apparel, and the pride of being able to display the tools of the trade that help you claim your game at the end of the day. We’re talking guns.

E-Z Mount Corp has been providing Gun Rack Vehicles with the means of displaying guns with class and style. For the past 30 years, E-Z Mount Corp has taken the recommendations of serious Gamesmen into consideration and developed Gun Racks to meet the demanding needs of this highly addictive and rapidly growing sport.

With the modifications of new Gun Rack Vehicles and the modern advancements used in truck designs to date, E-Z Mount Corp has continued to evolutionize their Gun Racks to meet the needs of the demanding market. Their patented spade is one of their many original designs that allow your Gun Rack Vehicle to display your guns without the need of drilling holes through your valuable vehicles window or structure. This is a far cry from the displays of old, which can many times damage the gaskets or require the need for holes in order to install the mount.

Made with only the best material, the Gun Racks are not only durable products with a high-quality, long-lasting structure, but hold a top-notch reputation that’s held in high regards by serious Gun Rack Vehicle owners throughout the states.

As a sportsman, you’re always looking for the very best. At E-Z Mount Corp, they offer nothing less than the best. With a pride in their product and in providing sportsmen with everything needed for displaying our guns in our Gun Rack Vehicle and game on our walls, it’s no wonder they’re a leader in the industry. They’ve done it for the past 30 years and promise to continue to do it for many years to come.

Finding an Affordable Paintball Gun

Paintball players often refer to the gun used in the sport as a “marker.” They do this for two reasons. First, they are worried that using the term “gun” could affect the general public’s perception about the sport, and second, they want to emphasize that a paintball gun is not a weapon. Before the sport was established, paintball guns were actually used by forestry personnel and ranchers to mark trees and truant cattle.

Because paintball is such a fun sport, many people try it and immediately want to have their own equipment. But it may be wiser to wait a little while before purchasing a gun. There are several reasons for this.

First of all, you are better off renting a gun if you are only going to get to play a couple of times each year. You can also rent the necessary accessories and safety equipment until you are sure you are going to stick with the sport. Renting or borrowing paintball guns can allow you to try out different features and figure out which features you want most when you are ready to buy.

Your first paintball marker does not have to be expensive. While you need to invest in high quality safety equipment – such as goggles – from your very first outing, you don’t have to drop serious cash on your first marker. Keep in mind that the typical paintball marker consists of a body, a hopper, a tank, and a barrel.

Markers can range in price from less than $200 to nearly $1,000. Additionally, keep in mind that semi-automatic markers shoot more paintballs and therefore use more CO2 than pump action markers. This can affect the overall cost of an average game.

One type of “research” that can be very useful is simply to ask more experienced players what kind of marker they started out with, and what they would recommend. If one type comes up over and over again, as either a marker to buy or as a marker to avoid, you should definitely make a mental note of this. It could keep you from wasting money on a marker that isn’t right for you.

There are websites such as where you can find information and Frequently Asked Questions related to all aspects of paintball. Another site that is full of information on how to choose your first paintball gun is

The cost of a paintball gun depends on the type of pressure system it uses and on the accessories you choose to add. CO2 – carbon dioxide – pressure is the most commonly used type and is the least expensive. The main drawback to CO2 pressure systems is that they are heavily dependent on temperature, which results in fluctuations in paintball speed and accuracy. However, because of its lower cost and better safety, a CO2 pressure system is recommended for beginners.

Higher-end markers use nitrogen instead of CO2 because it is less fickle due to weather conditions. But nitrogen pressure paintball markers are much more expensive.

Two models of paintball markers that come up consistently in discussions of inexpensive or beginner equipment are the Spyder TL-X and the Tippmann 98C. The Tippman 98 is made of die-cast aluminum, giving it a sturdy stock. It is semi-automatic and comes with maintenance and cleaning pack. The Spyder TL-X is accurate, and some say it is nearly indestructible. It is also reviewed as being compact, upgradeable, and easy to maintain.

These models generally cost less than $200 and are sometimes sold used on eBay.

The three main steps to finding an affordable paintball gun are 1. Borrowing from friends and asking questions; 2. Researching discussion forums and reviews online; and 3. Using your own experience with the models you have rented or borrowed to determine which features you want, and which you can do without.

For beginning paintball enthusiasts, or even for experienced players who only play for fun with family and friends, there is no need to spend several hundred dollars on a paintball marker. A perfectly adequate marker can be had with accessories for under $200.

Good Ol’ Pump Paintball Guns

Ever heard of pump paintball guns? I bet if you’re a paintball enthusiast, you’d immediately identify what a pump paintball gun is. Though, in this modern time, all paintball guns are no longer called by that name but are generally called as paintball markers, its more politically correct term as they say. Actually, the pump paintball gun we used to know is already classified as vintage, one of the first made markers for paintball.

But what is the difference though? What has changed? Certainly equipments for the game, especially the markers have improved through time. Markers are modified and remodeled making it easier to use and convenient for the players of the game. Providing variety of weapons to use to give users options that would suit each of them, and also in a way make the game more interesting and inviting.

A pump paintball gun is arguably the first ever paintball gun made and used for the game. It’s a single-shot at a time type of gun which was initially used during the early days of the sport.

Other paintball markers known are stock paintball guns, Semi-Auto Paintball Markers, and Electric Paintball Markers. The difference mainly lies on the amount of paintballs each marker can load and t their speed on releasing or shooting. Take for example a stock paintball marker can hold up to 20-40 paintball rounds, whereas a Semi-automatic gun can shoot 20 paintballs per second. And lastly, the electric gun which is said to be faster than the two since it is electrically triggered.

Now, with the presence of the new and remodeled paintball markers or paintball guns, why still use the old pump paintball guns? Actually, today most players of the sport are no longer using this kind of gun whether in professional or amateur divisions. Since pump paintball guns are actually the first made markers for the game, it might have become obsolete through time and no longer be available in common sports shops. But to enthusiasts, collectors, or for those who have playing the game, you may find that they must have own at least one pump paintball gun. It would definitely take great skills for a player to use a pump paintball gun against the modern markers available; being it a single-shot gun, the user of the pump paintball gun takes lesser advantage than those who uses the modern guns in the game. It would hone the skills and techniques of the player that given such disadvantage he or she can still manage to win the game. Also, the difficulty it provides makes it more challenging to the players involve, thus making it one of the reasons why certain individuals opt to use it instead. Aside from that, a game involving the pump paintball gun gives the players a taste of the old times, giving them an idea on how the first games of paintball were played.

Indeed, paintball is one of the far growing sports of the time. Becoming infamous to different countries nowadays, developing various types of guns or markers for the game is quite inevitable. But going back to the olden ways surely won’t hurt and using the old equipments such as the pump paintball marker would actually be a diversion on how the game is usually played. People might even find it enjoyable and more challenging and with that maybe it can be available to stores once again.